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Sabrina Shaheen Cronin

Sabrina Shaheen Cronin is a true role model for today’s single working parent. She began her career as a musician, and soon afterward, she began her rise as a successful attorney. Sabrina is now a nationally recognized motivational and public speaker, life and business strategist coach, writer, mentor, successful Businesswoman, Top Lawyer, visionary, and television personality. Sabrina is known as the “Shared Parenting Expert” for her workshops helping families cope with co-parenting dilemmas in today's challenging environment.

Her expertise and legal background have her uniquely qualified to meld her knowledge of human nature, 20 years as a family law specialist and background as a prosecutor, to create and develop her own specialized, proprietary curriculum in the form of weekly workshops. Sabrina’s goal is to get acrimonious parents out of the courtroom and into her workshops, so they can develop the tools necessary to achieve happy and healthy homes for their family.

Sabrina Shaheen Cronin Attorney Life Coach Public Speaker Businesswoman
“There is a true need to teach people alternative options to handle challenges that allow them to successfully move on after stressful courtroom interactions or troubled shared parenting relationships.”


Sabrina Shaheen Cronin Attorney Life Coach Public Speaker Businesswoman

Whether it's divorce or co-parenting trauma, the courts are severely lacking in their ability to offer useful help with contentious parenting issues. Sabrina has created a series of specially designed programs to help minimalize the psychological effects of divorce and high conflict co-parenting, which children are often exposed to. It is Sabrina’s mission to normalize healthy co-parenting and bring much-needed reform to the court system. Sabrina lays out the groundwork for both men and women, coaching them on how to create and maintain an extraordinary relationship with their co-parent and, more importantly, their children. Additionally, Sabrina offers mentorship to those families in dire crisis.

“It is possible to blend peaceful co-parenting with healthy and respectful boundaries in a safe environment for yourself and your children.”


Sabrina is the founder and managing partner of The Cronin Law Firm in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her online classes and workshops can be accessed nationwide on her website. Sabrina’s ability to relate to and understand the legal process is what makes her workshop offerings so valuable. She has created a much-needed niche in today's unprecedented world.

The Lifestyle Makeover coaching course promotes and empowers self-growth, financial independence, finding purpose, and personal branding, which can benefit anyone looking to improve their level of happiness, self-esteem, and self-confidence. She can even help you recognize red flags in your relationships or teach you how to find your “power friends.” Sabrina’s passion is to empower * enlighten * and elevate * you, not only to succeed in life, but to thrive fully!

Sabrina Shaheen Cronin Attorney Life Coach Public Speaker Businesswoman
“Don’t let others tell you it can’t be done! Those are their self-limiting beliefs. I always promote self-confidence and self-esteem to help you achieve the life you want. I know it can be done; I’m living proof!”


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