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Provides Personalized Support for Life’s Greatest Challenges

Popular culture often encourages us to tackle difficult situations alone, but we’re all better when we work together. I believe asking for help is a sign of strength—not weakness.

If you need a fresh perspective from someone who can show you how to turn challenges into opportunities for personal reflection and growth, I’m here to help. My goal is to serve as your action-oriented mentor as you reflect on your past and plan for the future.

As an attorney, business owner, and single mother of three, I understand what it’s like to face tumultuous waters; however, I believe adversity can be overcome when you have access to a strong support system that leaves you feeling empowered and confident.

Minimal Desk


While my workshops provide general information covering a range of topics related to marriage, family, co-parenting, and personal development, my coaching sessions deliver targeted support for clients who have reached a crossroads and need to find a way to move forward with confidence. Compared to attending one of my workshops, the coaching experience offers three key benefits:

Privacy and Confidentiality

Often, I work with clients who aren’t comfortable sharing their personal struggles in a group session. One-on-one coaching lets me provide the support they need in a safe and secure environment. With the coaching experience, you’ll receive compassionate support without any fear of shame, judgment, or embarrassment.

Convenient Scheduling Options

If you’re a busy professional, it’s not always easy to find time for personal reflection and growth. Our coaching sessions can be planned at a time that is most convenient for you, instead of following the defined schedule of my workshops.

The Opportunity For Immediate Impact 

When you’re ready to make a change, it can be frustrating to sit through an explanation of seemingly irrelevant material. In my coaching sessions, we only discuss the information that applies to the specific challenges you’re facing. The goal is to provide you with strategies and tools you can use to implement immediate changes in your life.

Coaching sessions take place via Zoom. Most sessions run approximately one hour in length, although this can vary according to your specific goals and scheduling concerns. The number of sessions needed will be discussed at our initial consultation.


Since my coaching sessions are personalized to fit individual needs, I can provide one-on-one support for a wide range of challenges. For example, I can help you learn to:

> Communicate more effectively with your spouse or significant other​

> Cope with illness, financial struggles, and other sources of chronic stress

> Navigate the unique challenges of LGBTQIA+ relationships

> ​Reduce conflict with your ex so you can be more effective co-parents

> ​Handle difficult parenting situations, such as a child who is struggling to make friends at school or to process the trauma from a divorce

> Make sure everyone’s needs are respected and their viewpoints are honored in a blended family that includes stepchildren and/or adopted children

> Figure out how to move forward with your personal life after divorce or the end of a long-term relationship

If you’re not exactly sure what support you need, that’s okay! At our initial meeting, we can discuss where you are and brainstorm possible solutions together.



My Ethos is Simple:

“Everybody deserves peace and happiness, but they must be willing to work for it.” 

If you’re committed to changing your life for the better, I’m ready to provide the help you need to build the future you deserve.

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